Phone contact is a very important thing on any smartphone. Because if you want to connect to any people via mobile, you need their content. Some of the times peoples lose very important contact on their smartphones. You can backup your contact on your google. If you save the contents on your Google account, you can recover the contents on any time. No one can access your mobile you can’t worry about that. You can recover your contact from your Google account.

If you erase your mobile’s files and documents, you can save the contacts on your Google account. You can recover your phone contacts after resetting your smartphone. Most of the peoples resetting their smartphone frequently. This method will help to recover their phone contacts. I will show you how to transfer phone contact to google on android.

1. Export from Phone to Storage

You can easily export your phone to storage. This is a very easy method to do that on your smartphone. This is an offline method. So you need to keep this contact file offline on your android or other devices. I will show you how to export from phone to storage.

  • First open your phone Contacts app on your android. Then click the Three Dot icon on your right side corner.

  • Then select the Import/Export Contacts option in the list.

  • Now click the Export to Storage option under the Export section.

  • Then it will show you a popup message on your device. Next click the OK option.

  • Next navigate the file location using the below file location
  • After that, you see the imported contacts on your storage.

2. Export Phone to Google account

This is another way to export contacts from your android smartphone to your google account. Most of the users use this method. Because this is the safest method to recover your contacts. Just apply the following methods on your android. This is very helpful for you.

  • Open the Contact app and click the Three Dots on the right side top corner. Then select the Settings option in the list.

  • Now you see the Import and Export contact and select that option.

  • Next click the import for the Google option and you can select one Google account.

  • Then select your contacts and click the Import option on the bottom.

  • If you recover your contacts from google, just sign up your account and it will automatically import on your android.

3. Import using Google Account Sync

You can easily export contacts using the google account sync method. Using this method, you can easily transfer phone contact to google on android smartphone. Just apply the following methods. It will very useful for you.

  • First open your mobile Settings and scroll down and click the Account & Sync option in the list.

  • Then click the Google option in the list.

  • Now you see all your google account and select your contact saved google account.
  • Click the Google accounts and Enable the contents on the right side.

  • After that click the More option on the bottom and select the Sync Now option.

I hope this article is very helpful for you. If you have any doubts about this article, just comment on this article.

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