How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070490 on Windows

Windows Update Error 0x80070490

Nowadays many people are using Windows on Home and Office. There are many updates are launched by Microsoft. If you update your windows, there are many features are added to your windows. If you are done updating your windows, many bugs are cleared on your windows. Sometimes if you try to update your pc, windows show a 0x80070490 error code on your screen. I will show you how to fix windows update error 0x80070490 on windows.

Many people are using windows for gaming and streaming. If you don’t update your windows, you can’t play well on gaming. It will crash your game. So you need to update your windows every time. I will show you how to fix windows update error 0x80070490 on windows. Follow my methods without skipping.

1. Troubleshoot Method

Troubleshoot method is the best way to fix this problem. Because you can fix this problem using the troubleshooting method. Just apply the following method on your windows pc. I hope this method fixes your problem. Apply the method without skipping.

  • First open the Start Menu option and click the Settings options.

0xc00007b Application Unable to Start Error

  • Now find the Update & Security option in the list. Then select that option.

0xc00007b Application Unable to Start Error

  • Then select the Troubleshoot option and click the Additional Troubleshooter option.

  • Next select the Windows Update option.

  • After that, click the Run the Troubleshooter option.

  • Now wait for a moment, this option scanning your windows. and fixes your windows update problem.

  • After that, just restart your pc. I hope this method will work. Personally this method fixes the 0x80070490 error on my pc.

2. Disable Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the best option for windows. This app protecting your pc from many viruses. You just disable your antivirus option temporarily. After finishing the update, you can enable this option. Just follow my steps without skipping to solve this problem.

  • First open the Start Manu option and click the Settings option.

0xc00007b Application Unable to Start Error

  • Now click the Update & Security option on the settings tab.

0xc00007b Application Unable to Start Error

  • Next find the Windows Security options and click the option. Then click the Virus & Threat Protection option.

  • Now click the Manage Settings option.

  • Then Disable the Real-Time Protection option.

3. Command Prompt

If the above two methods are don’t work, you can try this method. After doing this method, you need to restart your PC and check the error it will be fixed. You must apply the following commands on your windows. Just follow the steps and commands to fix the error.

  • First open the Start Menu option and search Command Prompt on the search bar.


  • Next on your right side, click the Run As Administrator option.


  • Then type the following command on your command prompt application. You need to press Enter on every single command.

net stop bits
net stop wuauserv
net stop appidsvc
net stop msiserver
  • After complete the above commands, also type the following commands.

net start bits
net start wuauserv
net start appidsvc
net start msiserver
  • After doing this method., just restart your pc.
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