How To Fix WhatsApp Desktop Crashing On Windows


Whatsapp is the best application for chatting with people. In that application there are many advantages are available. You can easily communicate with friends. In 2015 the application was released on Windows. In Windows, this application was very useful for many good things. Resent time there was an update released by Whatsapp side. On that update, they fixed many issues and get some new features.

Nowadays Whatsapp is the major application for many peoples. On Windows, if you try to attend the call the WhatsApp desktop will be crash. At the time you can’t do anything on your Pc/Laptop. This problem was common for users I can show you the best methods to solve this problem.

When I see this problem on my Pc/Laptop just restart and check the problem it will be fixed. Sometimes it will not be fixed so I do some simple methods on my Windows to fix the problem. I can show you the best methods to solve the problem just follow my methods and steps without skipping.

Check Windows Update

In this method, you need to update your Windows to fix some issues and get some new features. Probably your Windows doesn’t have any update you should follow the below next method. Just follow the below steps without skipping to update your Windows.

  • First, open the Start Menu and click the Setting option.

  • Now click the Update & Security option.

  • After that check, if any Update was available just update the Windows and check the problem.

Reinstall the Whatsapp

In this method, you need to Reinstall the Whatsapp application. Sometimes if you download any software that will affect your Windows then you can face this type of problem on your Pc/Laptop. Just follow the below steps to solve the problem.

  • First, open the Start Menu and Click the Setting option.

  • Then click the Apps option.
  • Now Click the Apps & Features option.

  • On that option Find the WhatsApp application.
  • Now click the application and click Uninstall options.

  • After that Click the Microsoft Store App.
  • Now Search Whatsapp on the Search bar option.

  • Then Install the application.

Disable Sounds and Notifications on WhatsApp

If the above methods don’t work follow this method to solve the problem. After doing this just restart your Pc/Laptop. In the method, you need to disable the sound and notification on the WhatsApp application. After doing this method restart your Pc/Laptop and check the problem it will solve.

  • First, open the WhatsApp application and click the three dots on the Right corner side.

  • Then click the setting option.
  • Now click the Notification option.

  • Now unclick all options.

I hope this article was helpful to solve your problem


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