How to Fix Virus detected Ads Error On Android Browsers

Fix Virus detected Ads Error On Android

Recently most of the users face viruses detected ads problem on their browsers. Most of the android users use chrome browser for personal. In that browser has some of the bugs. If you search something on the browser, some of the ads are displayed. At the time if you close the page, the previous pages also closed.

These messages are not viruses. It’s fully ads. These ads to show download some antivirus. If you download that application, your device faces a virus problem. If you want to avoid this type of ads. You need to change some settings on your browser. I will show you how to stop these types of ads on your android device.

1. Block Pop-Up Ads

Chrome Browser is one of the best applications to download and surf the internet. If you face this type of ads, you need to apply the following methods on your android device. Follow my steps without skipping.

  • First open your Chrome browser and click the Three Dots on the right corner.

  • Next open the Settings option.

  • Now scroll down and find the Site Settings option and open that option.

  • Then scroll down and click the Ads option.
  • If the option is enabled, just Disable that option.

  • After that, just go back and find the Pop-Ups and Redirects option.

  • Now open that pop-ups and redirects option and if the option is enabled, just disable that option.

If you use many browsers on your Android device, you should do this method on your all browsers. It will help to protect your device.

2. Disable Unknown Source Install Option

If the above method is doesn’t work, you can do this method on your android device to solve this problem. In the internet world, there are many unwanted application is available. If you want to avoid that application, you need to follow my steps.

  • First open your mobile Settings and scroll down and select the Security option.

  • Then find the Unknown Source Installations option and open that option.

  • Now Disable that option. This option protects your device from unknown apps.

If you do this method, you can avoid unwanted applications on your Android device.

3. Enable Play Protect

Play store is one of the best applications for Android. In the play store, there are no viruses apps are in the play store. If you download any apps with the secondary application, virus affects your Android device.

  • Open google play store on your device and click the Profile option on your right side corner.

  • Next select the Play Protect option in the list.

  • In the right corner, you see the Settings option and open that option.

  • Now you see the two options on your screen. If both options are disabled, you need to enable both options.

4. Back up & Reset Method

In the above three methods doesn’t work, you need to try this method This is the final thing to do. In the above two methods is 90% will be solved. But your device have many viruses, you need to do this method.

  • First open your mobile Settings option and scroll down. Now open the Additional Settings option.

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  • Then find Backup & Reset and select that option.

  • Now select the Erase All Data option in the list.

Now check your browser. After reset your device, you need to do above three methods on your device. Just try these methods.

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