How To Fix Updated Error 0x80004005 On Windows 10


Windows 10 is the best operating system for pc. In this OS there are many features are available. If Microsoft decided to upgrade the technology and clear some issues on the last update. They will announce the next update to fix the issue and get some new features on your pc.

Nowadays many of them use PC for many advanced options. So Microsoft was decided to get many advantages options for windows. At the time you need to update your pc but if you try to update your pc you can face 0x80004005 Error On PC. When you saw this error on your pc you can’t update your pc.

Personally, when I say this error on my PC just restart my PC and do some method to fix the error. After doing these methods go and check the error may I hope the error will be solved. Just follow my methods and steps without skipping to fix the error on your pc.

Run Troubleshooter

In this method, you can update your pc with the help of the Troubleshooter option. This method was Prevent many problems with windows update. Just follow my step to easily update your pc.

  • First, open the Start Menu and click the Setting option.
  • Next click the Updated & Security option then click the Troubleshooter option on the left side.

  • Now click the Additional Troubleshooter option.

  • Now select the Windows Update option on the left side.

  • Then click the Run As Troubleshooter option now the troubleshooter is checking for the update if any update was available automatically it will be updated

Change Startup Type

After doing this just restart your PC and check the error will be fixed. In this method, you need to change the Startup Type on the service option. If you do this method it helps to update your PC. Just follow the steps to update your PC.

  • First, open the start menu and search the Services option on the search bar option.

  • Now click the application then scroll down and find the Windows Update option on the list.

  • Then click the option now the Windows Update Properties tab will be opened.

  • Now change the Startup Type Automatic into Manual option and click Apply and Ok option.

Delete Unwanted Folders

If the above methods are don’t work follow this method to solve the problem. In this method, you need to delete some unwanted folders on your PC. Sometimes this is the basic thing to preventing your windows update. So you need to delete the folders for updating your windows. Follow my steps to fix the error and update your windows.

  • First, open the This PC Option then click the Local Disk option.

  • Now click the Windows Option then Scroll down and find the SoftwareDistribution and click it.

  • Then Select the All folders and delete these folders Now go and try to update your windows I believe it works.


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