How to Fix Update Error Code: 0xc1420121 On Windows?


Nowadays people are want to get some new feature on their Pc/Laptop. So Microsoft was decided to Get some New Features and Clear some issues on Windows. After that, they were released there Updated for windows. This error was suitable for windows 10 and windows 11.

Microsoft recently they have released there a new update on that update they were clearly many issues and get some new features on Windows 10. If download any secondary software on Browser can also face this type of error code on Windows. Otherwise, some viruses were entered on your Pc/Laptop.

When you saw this Error Code: 0xc1420121 on Windows I just restart my Pc/Laptop. After that, I try to update it will work. Otherwise, you can follow the below methods to fix the error. This error code was common for users I can show you the best methods to fix this error on Windows.

Windows Update Troubleshooters

In this method, you need to find the problem and fix that. If you use this Windows Troubleshooters option helped to find and fix the problem for you. After that, you can easily update the windows. 

  • First, open the Start Menu and click the Setting option.
  • Then click the Update & Security option.

  • Now click the Troubleshoot option on that list.

  • Then click the Additional Troubleshooter option.
  • Now click the Windows Update option.

  • After that click the Run the Troubleshooter option.

After finishing the above steps the Troubleshooter option was the dedication the problems and fix the problems from your Windows.

Change Startup Type

In this method, you need to change startup type Manual to Automatically. After that Stop the services and restart the Service option. It will help to update the windows easily and safely. After finishing this method just restart your Pc/Laptop and try to update your Windows.

  • First, open the Start Menu and Search Services on the Search bar option.

  • Then open the option Now Locate the Windows Update option on the list.

  • After that Right-click the Windows Update option.
  • Now click the Properties option.

  • Then click the startup type and select the Automatic option.
  • After that click Apply and Ok option.
  • On the Services tab select the Windows Update option then clicks the Stop the Service option on the left side.

  • Then click Restart the service option.

Download The Update Offical Website

If the above methods are doesn’t work you need to download the update software on Microsoft official website. The website is 100% grated website you can easily download. If you download any other website you many face some issues on that software. I can show you the best steps to download the software just follow the below steps without skipping.

  • First open any Browser on your Pc/Laptop.
  • Then search Windows 10 on the search bar option.

  • After that click the Microsoft official link and open it.

  • Now click Update Now option then the file will download.

  • Now open the file and click Ok option.

After finishing checkout click Update Now option. I hope this methods help to update your Pc/Laptop.


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