How to Fix TPM Device is Not Detected Problem on PC

TPM Device is Not Detected

Nowadays many peoples are using laptops at home and office. Sometimes laptop faces some of the bugs. Most of the laptops support the TPM device feature. This feature is very important for windows 11 installation. So you must fix this problem on your laptop. Just apply the following methods. I will show you how to fix tpm device is not detected problem on laptop.

Before doing the following methods, you need to reboot your laptop and check the problem. If you do this reboot method, it will fix some little bugs on the laptop. Maybe this problem will be solved by a chance. If this does not work, you need to apply the following method. I will show three methods to fix tpm device not detected problem on your laptop.

1. Remove & Reconnect Laptop Battery

Maybe this method will fix this problem on your laptop. First showdown your laptop and remove the battery of your laptop. Then wait for five to ten minutes and reconnect the battery to the laptop. If you do this method, the laptop board will be restart. Now check your laptop. Maybe this problem will be solved.

2. Edit Group Policy

If reconnect your laptop battery does not work, you can follow this method. Windows has many features. Group policy editor is one of the best feature. You can change your PC’s group policy on your pc. I will show you how to change the policy. Follow my steps without skipping.

  • First, open the Start Menu on the windows and search Group Policy on the search bar. And open the Edit group Policy option.

  • Then click the Administrative Templates option on that tab.

  • Next find the Windows Components option and open that option.

  • Now many folders are showing on your screen. You need to find the Bitlocker Drive Encryption option and open that option.

  • Then open the Operating System File and now the operating system File settings will be shown on the right side.
  • Next find the Require Additional Authentication At Setup option and double click the option.

  • Now you need to select Enable option and select the Apply option.

  • Now close all applications and robot you pc. I hope this method will work on your pc.

3. Update Firmware

If the above method is doesn’t work, you can try this method to fix the problem. In this method, you need to update bios firmware I will show you how to update bios firmware. Follow my steps without skipping.

  • First, open the Chrome Browser and search your Laptop Model name with driver download text on the search bar.

  • Next click the Support option on the website. Then click the Drives & Software¬†option.

  • Now scroll down in that option. Then you need to click the Manual Update¬†option.

  • After that, you need to select the BIOS/UEFI option.

  • Now there are more versions are displayed on your window. You need to Download the latest version of your laptop.

  • After download that file and open that file.
  • Now it will open the popup menu and click the Yes option.

  • Then install the BIOS new version on your laptop.
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