How to Fix Session Expired Error on Facebook (Android)

Fix Session Expired Error

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms in the world. Many people are using this application on their android and iOS devices. There are 5 Billion people are download this application from the Google Play store. Facebook has many bugs in their app. Recently most of the Facebook users’ faces session expired error.  I will show you how to fix the session expired error.

You can easily fix this problem on your android smartphone. Just follow this article and apply these steps on your android. I hope the following methods fix session expired error on Facebook.

1. Clear Log-In Session

Most of the session errors cause for many devices and any session found with the same account. So you need to clear sessions on your android smartphone. Just apply the following methods on your android.

  • Enter the Facebook app and click the right corner of Three Dots and scroll down.

  • Next click the Setting & Privacy option and select the Settings option.

  • Now find the Password and Security option in the list and select that option.

  • Now you see the Where You’re Logged-In option. Then click the See All option on the right side.

  • Now you can see how many times you can log in to your account on mobile and windows.
  • Next scroll down you can see Log out of All Sessions and click that option.

  • Now you see the Logout option and click that option.

  • After that, try to log in to your account. Your problem is fixed

2. Checking for updates

Some of the android users not updating their smartphone apps. This is one of the biggest mistakes. Because new updates fix many problems and bugs. So just update your Facebook app on your android. Enter the Google Play Store and check the latest version. If you’re old you need to update your Facebook application.

  • First open the Play Store and type facebook on the search box. Now you see the facebook application and select that.

  • Now you see the Update option on your screen.

  • Next click that option. Now it will be updating on your android smartphone.
  • After that, check your facebook application. It will work.

3. Clear Cache

Some of the bugs showing cause for some cache problems. So you need to clear facebook caches on your android. Just apply the following options on your android smartphone.

  • First open the mobile Settings and scroll down. Then open Additional Settings.

  • Then click the Storage option and open the Apps option.

  • Now find the facebook option and open that option.
  • There are two types of data are available on every apps. You need to choose the Clear Cache option.

  • After that your Facebook application’s cache is cleared. Now your problem is fixed.

4. Uninstall & Re-Install Facebook

If the above methods are not working, you need to do this method. This method is a secure method. This method only deletes your app. So don’t be afraid of this method. Your personal data are safe. Just try this.

  • First open the Settings app and scroll down and open the Additional Settings option.

  • Then click the Storage option and open the Apps option.

  • Next find the facebook option and open that option.
  • Now you see the Uninstall option and click that option. Now you successfully uninstalled the facebook app from your android.

  • Then go to the Play store and go to the facebook app.
  • Next click the Install option. This takes a little bit of time depends on your internet.

  • After that, check your app. This method is working.
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