How to Fix Black Screen on Brave Browser in Windows 10


Brave browser is the fast and secure browser in windows PC. You can avoid ads on this application and save the internet on this application. Using this app, you can see any websites without ads. And also you can download movies and files easily. This is one of the best browser in windows. Sometimes if any data was corrupted, you face a black screen on brave browser error on your pc.

Personally when I saw this problem on my PC, I can restart the PC. it will be solved. Restart your PC and check the problem. If you still got this problem, Just apply the following method. You need to apply these methods without skipping. I will show you how to fix black screen on brave browser error on your PC.

1. End Process Tree

After doing this method, restart your PC and check that problem. Maybe the problem will be solved. You need to end the process tree for brave application. Just follow my steps. I will show you how to end the process tree for brave application.

  • First open the Start Menu option and search the Task Manager app on the search bar.

  • Then select the Details tab on the top toolbar.

  • Now find the brave.exe option in the list. And select PID 9120 option.

  • Then right-click on that option and click the End Process Tree option.

  • Now check your black screen error problem. I hope your problem is solved.

2. Clear Browser Data

Sometimes brave browser save some unwanted caches. So you face the black screen related problems on your brave browser. You can easily fix this problem using this method. I will show you how to fix black screen on brave browser error using clear browser cache method.

  • First open your Brave Browser and click the Three Dots option on the right side.

  • Now click the Settings option and select the Additional Settings option on the left side.

  • In the additional settings option, click the Clear Browsing Data option in the Privacy and Security section.

  • Next, in that tab select all options and click the Clear Data option.

  • Now restart your pc and check your error. It will be solved.

3. Command prompt

The command prompt method is the best way to solve this problem. Just follow the steps to solve this problem. You need to type some command prompt commands on your PC. I will show you how to solve this problem using the command prompt. After doing this method, restart your PC. and check this problem.

  • First go to the Start Menu and search Command Prompt option on the search bar.


  • Then right-click on the application and open the app Run as Administrator option.


  • Now type the following command on your command prompt window.

flush dns
  • After that, wait for 3 to 5 minutes. Then exit the tab and check the problem. Now the problem will be solved.

4. Disable Hardware Acceleration

In this method, you need to disable the Hardware Acceleration option on your PC. After doing this method, check the problem it will be solved. Just follow my steps without skipping.

  • First open the brave browser and click the Thee Dot option on the right side corner.

  • Next click the Settings option on the list.

  • Now select the Additional Settings option.

  • Then scroll down and you see the Use Hardware Acceleration When Available option. Just Disable that option.

error code 224003

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